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25/09/2015 - Upcoming BUFOG Meeting & Lecture Dates

There's a superb couple of months ahead at Birmingham UFO Group. I can now confirm that Dave Hunt and Cosmosis will be returning to us on the evening Thursday 15th October. In part 2 of mine and Dave's lecture we will be looking into his experiences from age 20 to present day. Whether you were there for Part 1 back in June or not, we promise an absolutely fascinating night of incredible information! There will even be details of some experiences I was not able to cover at my recent talk at the UFO Truth Magazine Conference in Holmfirth. And the band have some brand new tracks they want to share with everyone too. Don't miss it! The following month on the evening of Thursday 19th November we finally welcome Richard Hall to speak at BUFOG for the first time. He will be discussing some recent horse mutilation cases as well as a number of mass sheep disappearances which have taken place. Richard is already selling tickets for this lecture on his own website, but you are also able to purchase them directly at the meeting like usual. For further details of both evenings see our Events & Lectures page here

Upcoming Events

17th January - Alan Foster Lecture
(See Events & Lectures for details)


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