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13/08/2015 - Bicester Contact Case Report

Last summer I embarked upon what would prove to be one of the most detailed and far reaching contact cases I have yet investigated. The case involves a man from Bicester named David, as well as many of his relatives and friends. Throughout his life David has experienced contact with various beings both on a physical and more spiritual level. These experiences have involved abductions, visitations, UFO sightings, psychic phenomena and paranormal activity. He is also the lead vocalist for a band named Cosmosis, who's lyrics are clearly influenced by his experiences. What makes this case particularly impressive is the amount of testimonial evidence from the many people who have been directly involved with what has taken place. I spoke alongside David in June at BUFOG and will be doing so again in October. For the last 14 months I have gradually written up the many varied experiences of those involved, and I am pleased to finally share this information with you via the official report. It is split over two parts due to the amount of detail it contains. So set aside some time, grab yourself a drink and click here to have a read - BUFOG Chairman Dave

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