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21/06/2013 - The Curse Of Intruders Lives On

The curse of Intruders will surely go down in the annals of BUFOG history. The film is unwatchable at the group. Every time we try to play it something goes wrong. First time the old projector wouldn't work correctly. Second time the venue had accidentally booked out the room for a wedding so we ended up going for a chat down a local pub instead. Last night was the 3rd time we have tried to air the movie. First of all the laptop wouldn't work and needed to repair. We managed to get another one after about 45 mins wait. Then the projector blew and wouldn't stay on. Luckily the venue had a spare we could use. Then after much fiddling we finally got the movie started.....and the audio was coming out in Japanese! It had dual audio and the video player on the new laptop couldn't handle that. Seriously, you just couldn't make it up! I will not be attempting to show the film at the group again. My deepest apologies to those of you who showed up last night and I hope you still had a good evening despite the technical issues.

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