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05/02/2012 - Upcoming Lecture & Meeting Details

As well as our Ancient Aliens night set to take place in a couple of weeks, you can now read full details of lectures set to take place in the coming months. In March BUFOG chairman & investigator Dave Hodrien will be teaming up with an abductee to give you a fascinating joint lecture. The case involves controversial video evidence which may be proof that abductions do take place! In April UFO movie expert Robbie Graham will give a talk which will sort out fact from fiction in Hollywood's UFO themed films. And in May we welcome Phil Leirness, director of the new conspiracy documentary The Truth Is Out There. Phil will be presenting the documentary as well as holding a discussion on the making of it. For full details on all of these nights, see our Events & Lectures section by clicking here

Upcoming Events

17th January - Alan Foster Lecture
(See Events & Lectures for details)


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