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18/01/2011 - Complaint & Subsequent Action

We have received a complaint from an undisclosed BUFOG member which reads as follows:

"I come to these lectures to listen to interesting people, to learn about this fascinating topic of Ufology. What I don't come to see are some members of the audience getting drunk and generally making a complete ass of themselves. How long do we need to endure such bad behaviour? When will you decide to act before you have members leaving the group."

As a serious and professional UFO research group we do not tolerate any such behaviour from members or non-members. We address all complaints as a serious matter, especially if it involves disruption to the group and lectures, which involve a great deal of hard work. The offending members were already issued previously a verbal warning for their behaviour and warned that future acts would result in the cancellation of their membership and refusal entry to any meetings and lectures.

We feel no alternative but to cancel the offending members membership with immediate effect. Dave more than anybody in BUFOG devotes his life and time to providing these nights which entails dedication, hard work and commitment. To receive abuse and drunkenly disorder from members is an insult to the subject, the group, it's members and us personally. We will not allow the group to receive complaints like this especially when it involves lecturers who have given their time to come to us, to experience this embarrassing behaviour. We offer our sincere apologies to whoever sent the message and to anyone else who has been disrupted, please continue to keep us informed of anything you are not happy with and we will do our best to address these issues effectively.

Dave, Craig & Mark

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