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08/04/2010 - Rendlesham Forest Radio Live Debate & Larry Warren Lecture Reminder

On CBS Radio, a US radio channel, on Sunday 11th April 2010 at 7pm-10pm East Coast time (Monday 12th April Midnight-3am UK time), a live debate about the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident will be broadcast. It is going to feature Larry Warren, Colnolel Charles Halt, John Burroughs, Nick Pope and others. It is sure to be fascinating, and will be well worth listening to.

If you live in the US, you can hear the live stream at the Psychic Radio website ( However if you live in the UK, the live streaming link from this website will not work. Instead you need to go to the Para-X Radio website ( On the home page of the site you will see a number of links to audio stream links for various PC media players - Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Realplayer. Click on the link for one of the players you have installed on your PC. If you don't know which you have, go with the 2nd one (Windows Media Player) as most PCs will have this installed as part of Windows. When you click the link, it will send you a file to install. Copy this file to somewhere relevant e.g. your PC desktop. When you double click on the installed file, it should open up a live streaming link to Para-X radio. This radio station broadcasts paranormal programs round the clock. On Sunday they will be streaming the Rendlesham Forest debate straight from CBS radio.

If you cannot wait up till early hours of the morning to hear the radio chat live, I have been informed that it will also be made available as a download from the Psychic Radio website soon afterwards.

Don't forget that on the evening of Monday 12th April, Larry Warren will be coming to BUFOG to give a superb lecture. Look forward to seeing you there! Click on Lectures/Events button above for more info about the lecture and venue.

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