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06/01/2010 - New Impressive Cases To Check Out

Over Christmas and New Year BUFOG received some truly fascinating details of both new and old sightings. I have now added all these sightings to the Reported UFOs section of the site. They include the sighting of a glowing orange cross shaped object by an ex-policeman from Blackley in Manchester on 22nd December, a dark grey disc-shaped UFO seen in Hall Green on 27th December (and two other equally as impressive previous sightings), the experiences of a man and his family from Sheldon, which have included visions of Greys under hypnosis, a number of UFO sightings, and varied paranormal activity,  a UFO video filmed over the Lickey Hills back in March 2009, and a close encounter with an unusual craft in Northfield back in the mid-80s. Let's hope the sightings continue at this pace through the coming year!

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