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Welcome to the Birmingham UFO Group

This is the official website of Birmingham UFO Group. The group began in 2007 and continues to be one of the most active UFO groups in the UK. We look into cases from the area of Birmingham England and further afield, and are happy to investigate cases from anywhere in the world. Dave Hodrien is both Chairman and lead investigator for the group. He is a regular speaker on the UFO subject and writer for UFO Truth magazine. On this site you can submit sightings, read our case reports & articles, find out details about upcoming events, and explore a wealth of related material. If you are a contactee you may also wish to join in with our online support meetings. We hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact us and get involved.

04/05/2016 - Colin Woolford Lecture Details

In July we have invited UFO researcher Colin Woolford to come and give a fascinating talk about one of the most infamous pieces of footage ever released - the Roswell alien autopsy. Colin will be covering the various theories and claims surrounding the footage and looking in depth at what it may, or may not, show. The full lecture details can now be found here

02/05/2016 - Cannock Chase Sky Watch 2016

On Saturday 28th May BUFOG will be returning to Cannock Chase for another of our popular UFO sky watches. We will meet up at the bar in The Barns and then make our way onward to the sky watch location. Whether we see anything unusual or not, it's sure to be a fun and social event. Everyone welcome to attend not just group members. For full details click here. Please help spread the word!

02/05/2016 - Colin Saunders Lecture

On the evening of 19th May UFO witness Colin Saunders is coming to speak at BUFOG. Colin and his family witnessed a Flying Triangle craft at close proximity back in 1999, and it is an experience that has greatly affected his life ever since. He will go over the details of this astounding incident and other things which have taken place more recently. For further details click here

02/05/2016 - BUFOG Truthseekers

We now have a new Facebook group page named BUFOG Truthseekers. It's a general place our members and others with an interest in the subject can discuss aspects of the UFO subject, chat about experiences or post links to videos/sites. If you're interested in joining the group head on over to

23/04/2016 - KCOR Las Vegas Radio Interview Recording

If you missed our Chairman's UFO interview on KCOR Las Vegas radio between 3-5am this morning you can have a listen at the following address:

22/04/2016 - Chairman Interview on KCOR

Tomorrow morning between 3-5am (7-9pm PTZ) our Chairman will be speaking on KCOR Las Vegas radio! As many if not all of you will be fast asleep at that time it may be difficult to listen in live, however it will be recorded and the link put up on this page in due course. If you do happen to be up, or even live in the States, you can listen in at

22/04/2016 - Hot Cross Buns

Thanks to everyone who came down to BUFOG last night for Area 51. It was a really fun and social evening and it looked like the popcorn went down a storm! Next month on 19th May Colin Saunders will be coming to speak with us about his incredible close encounter with a Flying Triangle as well as subsequent other experiences that have taken place. It'll be one of those rare opportunities to hear a witness speak first hand, so don't miss it!

12/04/2016 - Tylorstown/Ystrad Glowing UFO Sightings

A new case report has been added detailing a repeat sighting of a glowing white UFO observed by a man along with other witnesses in October 1981 and the same month the following year in Tylorstown and Ystrad, South Wales. It appears that the same object may have returned on more than one occasion, which is quite a rare occurrence. Click here to have a read.

11/04/2016 - UK Talk Radio Interview Update

Apologies, just found out the interview was pre-recorded not live. The host will inform me when it's going out on the show, keep a look out either here or on our Facebook page - Chairman Dave

Upcoming Events

19th May - Colin Saunders Lecture
28th May - Cannock Chase Sky Watch IV
(See Events & Lectures page for details)

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