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Welcome to the Birmingham UFO Group

This is the official website of Birmingham UFO Group. The group began in 2007 and continues to be one of the most active UFO groups in the UK. We look into cases from the area of Birmingham England and further afield, and are happy to investigate cases from anywhere in the world. Dave Hodrien is both Chairman and lead investigator for the group. He is a regular speaker on the UFO subject and writer for UFO Truth magazine. On this site you can submit sightings, read our case reports & articles, find out details about upcoming events, and explore a wealth of related material. If you are a contactee you may also wish to join in with our online support meetings. We hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact us and get involved.

18/04/2014 - Some Unsual Aerial Objects

There's a new case report added to the site which covers numerous UFO sightings observed by a man from Bracknell at various locations around England between September 2012 and October 2013. Some of the objects he has seen are frankly bizarre and defy explanation at present. The report contains multiple drawings by the witness and location photographs. You can find the report in the Investigated UFO Sightings section or go directly to it by clicking here

17/04/2015 - Furher New Case Reports!

Several new case reports have now been uploaded to the Investigated UFO Reports section. Firstly there's a report on the sighting of a glowing white cigar-shaped UFO in Risør, Norway back in February. The witness managed to take 4 photographs of the object, which are analysed within the report (Click here). Next there's a short report on a huge glowing disc-shaped light which was observed over Gaucet Luce Golf Course near Droitwich Spa back in August 2005 (Click here). And lastly there's a detailed report on 6 UFO sightings observed by a man from Rio De Jainero in Brazil between 1975 and 1995 (Click here). What are you waiting for? Go check them out!

09/04/2014 - Grey Visitation In Birmingham

I've uploaded a new report to the Contactee Cases section, covering the experiences of a lady from Birmingham. She appears to have had a visitation/possible abduction by a Grey being, and also may possess psychic abilities. You can have a read of the case report here

09/04/2014 - Church Village Boomerang UFO Sighting

There's a new case report uploaded which covers an interesting multiple witness sighting of a glowing boomerang-shaped UFO seen over an area of woodland near to Church Village, Pontypridd, on the evening of 20th January. The report features photos of the sighting location taken by one of the witnesses. Click here to have a read.


As previously mentioned, we have had to make a change to the original date for Steve Johnson & Steven Mera's lecture. It will now be taking place on WEDNESDAY 23RD APRIL from 7.30pm. Apologies for any inconvenience or if you are no longer able to make it.

06/04/2014 - Change To Steve Johnsons Lecture Date!

Steve Johnson has informed me that he can no longer make Thursday 17th April for his talk on predicting the future. We are currently discussing an alternative date for the lecture, details of which will be added here and sent out as soon as possible. Watch this space!

06/04/2014 - Awaken Inn Day

Had a great time at "Awaken Inn" conciousness raising network day over in Bilston yesterday. Thanks to Lisa for inviting me to participate. Met some really nice people and listened to some new sightings at my live investigation desk. I also gave a talk on aspects of contact which was very well received - Chairman Dave.

24/03/2014 - Denied!

Thanks to all of you who turned up for our film night on Thursday, it was great fun watching Official Denial again, and the movie aged a lot better than I thought it would. Next month sees the first of several months of non-stop lectures with a fascinating talk by Steve Johnson, a man who claims to be able to predict the future, and Stephen Mera, a parapsychologist who backs the validity of his case. Be there!

19/03/2014 - Roger Leir RIP

BUFOG was sad to hear of the passing of Roger Leir, one of the pioneers of research into alien implants recovered from contactees. With a surgical background Roger actually extracted many implants and examined them in great depth. Hopefully someone will pick up the torch and continue with his extremely important work.

Upcoming Events

23rd April - Steve Johnson & Steven Mera Lecture (See Events & Lectures for details)

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