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Welcome to the Birmingham UFO Group

This is the official website of Birmingham UFO Group. The group began in 2007 and continues to be one of the most active UFO groups in the UK. We look into cases from the area of Birmingham England and further afield, and are happy to investigate cases from anywhere in the world. Dave Hodrien is both Chairman and lead investigator for the group. He is a regular speaker on the UFO subject and writer for UFO Truth magazine. On this site you can submit sightings, read our case reports & articles, find out details about upcoming events, and explore a wealth of related material. If you are a contactee you may also wish to join in with our online support meetings. We hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact us and get involved.

20/10/2014 - November Change Of Plans

Unfortunately Shaun Coates from Esoteria, who was billed to talk next month, has had to put his lecture on hold until January 2015. In his place BUFOG will be welcoming Mike Smith to give a talk on his life long contact experiences. This is set to take place on Thursday 20th November. Mike is currently publishing a book on his experiences and assures me he has some incredible stuff to share! For full details see our Events & Lectures page here

18/10/2014 - UFO Over Quinton

A white/metallic coloured UFO was observed apparently following an aircraft over Quinton, Birmingham by a couple in mid June 2014. Coincidentally the location was very close to where we used to hold our monthly meetings! The case has been investigated by our investigator George Gregg, who gave a great lecture on Thursday evening on various aspects of the paranormal. You can have a read of the report here

15/10/2014 - Request for participation in online research on Out-of-Body Experiences

Andrew Hodrien, the brother of BUFOG's Chairman, and other researchers are conducting new research on the content of out-of-body experiences. If you believe you have had an OBE you are invited to participate in this research by answering an anonymous questionnaire (Whether you have assisted with previous research projects or not). For full details check our Adverts page here

12/10/2014 - Another Meeting Approaches

On Thursday eve BUFOG investigator George Gregg will be giving both a talk and open discussion on various aspects of the UFO subject. There will also be all of the usuals you've come to expect from a BUFOG meeting - latest UFO related information, sightings update, our infamous raffle, and revelations that will BLOW YOUR MIND (possibly). Everyone welcome, whether you're a regular or have never been to one of our meetings before. Full details on our Events & Lectures page.

20/09/2014 - George Gregg Lecture Details

Next month on Thursday 16th October, investigator for Birmingham UFO Group George Gregg will be giving a lecture and open debate on a range of aspects of the UFO subject. He will cover the overlap between UFOs and other areas of the paranormal including providing details of his own fascinating experiences. He will also look into possibilities regarding the true origins of the craft and beings reported by many around the world. For full details see our Events & Lectures page here

19/09/2014 - CEIV Interview

As part of my talk last night I showed a recorded interview with Scottish UFO-themed band C.E.IV who sadly were not able to attend in person. The video has now been uploaded to BUFOG's Youtube channel. Click here to check it out!

19/09/2014 - Cosmosis

Cosmosis are an alternative rock band from Oxfordshire who have had many contact experiences. I am currently investigating their case and am in the process of putting together an extensive report. The band took part in my talk UFOs & The Music Industry last night. They have recently created a new contact themed track named Hodrien, the video for which was shown for the first time during the evening. It's an incredible 10 minute saga which, through both music and spoken word, shows a contact experience and discussion with an extraterrestrial being. It contains audio clips from my UFO Truth Magazine conference in 2013, and many famous faces of ufology towards the end. Have a watch of the stunning video here

19/09/2014 - Encore

Much thanks to all of you who turned up last night for my talk on UFOs and the Music Industry. Also a massive thank you to both Cosmosis and to my wife Katie for providing the live music for the evening, and to CEIV for recording a great interview to show as part of the lecture. From the feedback I've received its clear that everyone had a great evening. If you couldn't make it keep an eye out as it's likely I will give the talk again in the future. Next month we welcome our other investigator George Gregg to give a talk and open discussion on aspects of the UFO subject. Full details including official date for that coming soon.

15/09/2014 - It's Time To Face The Music!

On Thursday evening I'll be giving a lecture all about the links between Ufology and the music industry. I'll be delving into the history of UFO themed tracks, going over many themed bands and songs and covering actual experiences by musical artists. The evening will contain numerous live music performances, recorded interviews and music vids. It's going to be a treat for both your eyes and ears and I guarantee a fun an informative time! Hope to see you there for it at our usual venue from 7.30pm. For further details see our Events & Lectures page or get in touch with me directly - Chairman Dave

Upcoming Events

1st November - Bonnybridge Skywatch
20th November - Mike Smith Lecture
(See Events & Lectures for details)

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